Monday June 20th! Ride to Work Day 2016!

Hey everyone,

I have been concentrating on social media as opposed to this site for a few years now. The instantaneous nature of media like Facebook makes pages like this more and more redundant.

So – in honor of Ride to Work Day 2016 – I thought I’d take a moment to check in and remind you of the MRTT Facebook page. I commonly use my personal Facebook page for content as well.

That leaves this page open for more long lasting projects – like my upcoming maintenance needed for the 2005 Suzuki SV650 I ride daily.

Glad to know so many of you have visited here. Hope to make it worth your while.

- Chris

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Life long motorbike rider from New Orleans with a passion for riding sportbikes, naked (cafe) bikes, dirt bikes, mini bikes and on and on and on. Throw in some Isle of Man TT racing, short circuit racing, and the glory days of 1950s-1970s English/Irish/Manx road racing and you are getting close. I can't get enough.
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