The end of an era

Dave Despain? Are you serious? You remember the glory days of when 100s of riders attended the Daytona 200 with entrants from as far as Europe including the likes of Agostini, Sheene, etc – jumbo jets lining the tarmac – and how the series is a shell of what it used to be? Did you and your teet not play a role in the dismal turn out (30-something bikes) this year?Relegating AMA Road Racing cove…rage to a slot in between infomercials 2, 3 even 4 days after the event didn’t exactly inspire sponsors’ confidence that their advertising would sell anything.Heck, this year – riders and the sponsors who they were trying to attract didn’t even know if the AMA would have tv coverage. In fact, they still don’t! Perhaps the low rider turn out is a function of this very lack of coverage??? Riders have a hard time getting on track without support. Sponsors have a hard time giving support when there is lack of coverage.

Is the AMA to blame? Of course! But your Wind Tunnel comments are out of touch. Speed has done everything it could to crush the series into oblivion ever since the days of Speedvision. Your rant and tirade years ago to the riders who felt betrayed was ridiculous. You DID turn your back on the sport that contributed to your career.

In the end, is it just entertainment and tv? No, in fact. It is more than that. It is the end (seemingly) of that glorious era you described in your show last night. It is the lack of opportunity for riders to make a career out of this sport. (What if Valentino or Marquez never got the chance?) It is the missed opportunity for new business in a tough economy. Yeah, it is entertainment – but it is also a business. There are more people to blame than you – but you did your part.

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