My Bikes Pt. 3

Time for another installment of “My Bikes.”

Last time, we ended the story with selling the CR60R to my best friend. I replaced it with my favorite class of dirt bikes – the XR series – and an XR200. It was a 1984 or thereabouts.



I don’t remember the particulars on purchasing the bike, but I do remember my first day with it at the Bonnet Carre Spillway, which was our local riding spot.

Hans, his Dad and I were finished unloading the bikes in our usual spot and put our gear on. I started the bike and was revving the engine to warm it up and noticed that “Mr” Hans (Dad) kept looking at me funny. You see, the CR60 was a 2-stroke and it was quite loud. The XR200 on the other hand was a 4-stroke and much much quieter. I was revving the bike to the point that the sound was familiar – I soon found out that was a mistake! I put the bike in gear and revved the bike to what I considered a normal note, let the clutch out and pulled a full on “Pee Wee Herman” as the bike launched off with a wheelie and took me for a ride straight into the bushes. I got up and looked behind me and noticed Mr Hans still staring at me with that funny look; he was a man of few words!

I got a bunch of years on that bike and enjoyed it a lot. My next bike was a 1988 Kawasaki KLR250 – more on that next time!


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