My Bikes Pt. 2

Honda CR60R       

     The CR60 was my first “real” bike. I can remember the hours spent staring at its red fuel tankwith the beautiful Honda wing on its side – think – wow! Everything about it oozed perfection to my young eyes. As much as I loved my XR, the CR representednew technology with its zippy, high-revving 2-stroke motor and single, colorful mono-shock keeping the aggressively knobbied tires sticking into the ground.

     My best friend, Hans, lived down the street and was a big part of my experience with the bike. His father coached me and got me going on the bike – of course, Hans got his turnson the bike and we quickly convinced his Dad to bring us out to the Bonnet Carre Spillway. This inspired Mr. Hans to repair his old Bultaco, which I had spent many days sitting on in his workshop – dreaming of riding it.


     Soon, we were all riding at the spillway (as much as Mr. Hans would bring us) and up and down the street – driving the neighbors crazy from the sound of the bee-like motor.

     Eventually, I outgrew the bike – I was a fastgrowing teenager – and I sold the bike to Hans so that I could buy the much bigger Honda XR200.

Read more soon.


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