– Spies and MotoGP

“The rule was made in order to help satellite teams, so as to guarantee for them young and talented riders before they inevitably end up with the factory teams,” Ezpeleta said to Italian media. “It helps keep the gap between works and satellite teams in check. In any case, like every rule, it doesn’t necessarily have to be kept rigidly. If it is judged to be bad, it can be reviewed.”

Hmm. The rule was good to keep an ascending American superstar in check for a year. But it’s bad to shackle a rising Spanish superstar?

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The Soup can is at it again – as much as I like reading their stories, they frequently miss the mark.

The quotes above from their article, “Spies Rule” from today is a good example. Rossi had no problem going with a satellite team in his rookie year. Nor did Marco – who could have been fodder for their argument above. The fact is, Spies is choking…..on a factory bike. He has not produced the results they have been looking for over the past year and a half. His career is in deep trouble. Lin Jarvis has already made it clear that they expect Ben to be winning races and at the sharp end of the standings. He isn’t.

Ben has it all laid out for him – the move to 1000cc machinery was supposed to suit him. He has failed. Unless something drastic changes, you will see a new teammate for Jorge next year….Jarvis made that clear at the end of last year.

Ben, the only way is down. You are at the top. You have to produce. Losing that ride means what? A satellite team in GP? Another shot at WSB? AMA?!!

I am a huge fan, make no mistake. I worry for him. Turn it around now. If Jorge can do it on equal machinery, you can do it.

And Soup…stop whining about the rules….it’s time for Ben to put up or shut up. There’s always another rider waiting in the wings.

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